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“Any of various relatively small sailing or motor-driven vessels, generally with smart graceful lines, used for pleasure cruises or racing.”
(American Heritage Dictionary 2006)

Yacht was originally defined as, “a light, fast sailing vessel used to convey important persons.” The word yacht is derived from the Dutch word Jacht, meaning "hunt” or “hunter.” Today, yacht includes a wider range of vessels, operated by sail, power, or both. A motor yacht is a boat that is not powered with sails.
A motor yacht is built for comfort and speed. Most motor yachts offer two staterooms or more (depending on size) and is separated by the entire length of the yacht with a spacious living area in between. The cabins of the motor yacht are similar to hotel suites with full luxury appointments, strategic storage, well defined bathrooms, and galley and crew quarters.
Motor yachts range in size, from 27 feet (about 8.23 meters) to 80 feet (about 24.38 meters) or longer. Florida Statutes Chapter 327 defines yachts as, “any vessel which is propelled by sail or machinery in the water which exceeds 32 feet in length, and which weighs less than 300 gross tons.” The average motor yacht length is 44 feet (about 13.41 meters).
Motor yachts traditionally have powerful diesel or gasoline engines. Most motor yachts have gas tanks capable of holding 300 gallons (about 1,136 liters), and can travel one half to three-quarters of a mile on one gallon of fuel (about 0.21 to 0.32 km/liter). Luxury performance yachts range from 37 feet (11.28 meters) to 108+ feet (33 meters).
Yachting enthusiasts agree that the key elements to determine a motor yacht’s worth motor is determined by the elements and dimensions of its sundeck, Flybridge, covered aft-deck, and power/engine system.
The typical cruising speed for a motor yacht is within the 20 knot range with average weight conditions and sea state. Top speeds can be between 25 and 30 knots, depending on the model and power of the motor yacht. Higher cruise and top end speeds are available on some models, especially those designed for racing.
A majority of motor yachts are most fuel efficient when traveling at speeds of 8-10 knots, which is the average speed of trolling. The higher the speed traveled with the motor yacht, the more fuel it burns. For more detailed fuel ranges, one must consult the manufacturer.
When considering purchasing a motor yacht, it is generally best to research what you want from your motor yacht, define the uses…family gatherings, business meetings, or fishing..and identify your ‘frequency of use’ prior to consideration. To explore more about motor yachts, and How to Buy a Motor Yacht…please explore www.MyLuxuryYachts.com.

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